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Thanks guys it was a lot of work i Delid the cpu and changed the IHS to a direct die cooling for that i modifyd a Ek Velocity cooling Block on my cnc Mill for a perfect fit on the 3 chiplets on the die also isolating the other components and applied a mix of indium an gallium for better heat transport on the dies , also apllied liquid metal to the VRM , the Chipset coolers and even to the 5700xt.

the system is cooled by a 480mm Radiator in the front as main cooling solution even 280 mm radiator on the top to cool down between the cpu and the gpu, and a 360mm rad in the bottom to cool down the line load from gpu to the powersuply , and from powersupply it runs back to the res and back to the 480 rad.


Under Full Load the CPU has an Avarage temp of 47°C Junction temp 50°C the Gpu on 2200Mhz hast a Junction of 52°c and an avarage Temp of 49°C under full Load.

Hottest Point of the hole system was the Chipset with 60°C max.


Enviorment Temps at the Tests was 22°C





CPURyzen 9 3900x
CoolerCustom Water Loop from EK
MotherboardMSI MEG 570x ACE
Memory64 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 3200MHZ
GraphicsAMD 5700xt Watercooled
Disc Drive 1Viper M.2 VPN 100 2TB
Disc Drive 22x Samsung M.2 EVO 970 Pro 2 TB
Disc Drive 34x Samsung 860 Pro 4TB SSD on the Sata Ports
PSUCorsair HX 1000
CaseTt Core X71 TG / Tempered Glass
Monitor3x AOC 27 L C27G1