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3700x freeze when trying to stream

Question asked by araneek on Aug 1, 2019


So i just got my new system wich is amd ryzen 3700x, gigabyte x570 gaming x, asus rx 5700 xt, corsair 16 gb 3200mhz.

i bought this build for gaming and streaming wich unfortunately not seems to work at all atm.


Streamlabs crashes and the pc freezes, can still move the mouse, sometimes it movees very slowly, same thing happening even with OBS. So i'm getting the same issues with both streaming programs. in the end i must reboot the pc.


i've only tested Apex legends and it runs smooth and so on when playing, this just happens when i am trying to stream.

CPU temperature seems fine, idle temp is about 32C and around 55C teh short amount of time i could manage to stream)


Tried to keep an eye on wattman for GPU temperature, had some junction temp up to 76C, but wattman is also freezing all the time so it is kinda hard to get the truly right numbers.


So any suggestions? anyone with the same problem?

It feels like the graphic gard are making this happen in someway, but i dunno.