Threadripper 2990WX Fully Power Saving Setting?

Discussion created by bismarck1815 on Aug 1, 2019

Hello all,

I signed up here for discussion about 2990WX Power Saving setting.



Down-clock on 2.4GHz for 24/7 using. and.. I find some problems.


1. I check my BIOS setting, and found P-state, but only 3-steps customized. p0, p1, p2.

and It totally not applying on OS. 


auto setting.

p0 = 2.4

p1 = 2.4

p2 = 2.0

p3 = 0.4 (but not applying, I've never seen my processors working at 0.4ghz)


(Global C-State Enable. Ryzen balance Power setting. Cool&Quite Enable, Boost off.)


2. Voltage off-set is not working.


Voltage setting (VCore) , normal

and DVID (Dynamic VCore , -0.05V), but still my processors working on 0.87-1.1,


I want to setting my processors for 0.75V-1.0V (undervolting)



Could you any suggestion or advise for me?




Gigabyte X399 Auros Pro - F2g