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AMD 7850 Black screen during driver install - Card dead?

Question asked by seremo on Aug 1, 2019
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GPU: 7850
CPU: intel 3570k
PSU: Corsair CX750M
OS: Win 7 & Win 10
Display: 1920-1080*60
MBoard: Asrock z77 Pro


Case: My 7850 has not been working for the last 2 days. PC had been frozen 2 times during a gameplay with some artifacts and now drivers are not getting installed. Had no issue for the last 5 years. Windows sees the GPU as Basic VGA. If I try to update the drivers on windows 7 (4 different drivers, tried both old and new drivers, clean install with cleanup);

If I do it on safe mode: It installs but after the restart windows welcome screen does not load, black screen stucks
If I do it without safe mode: At the half of the install and I get instant BSOD

It wasn't windows update issue as all was up to date. Assuming that files might be corrupted on my windows 7 I had clean install on windows 10 a hour ago and when I try to install it I get similar result, instead of BSOD I get black screen stuck and I am forced to restart. Windows loads again without any drivers. 


Identical example from someone else: 


I swapped to PCI slot I have never used before and the result is the same. Win 10 is on 19.03, as mentioned before clean install with updates.

Without any drivers, the PC works just fine, except the cards performance is similar to a toast machine. It just works. Should I consider the card dead?

Update: Tested the GPU with HDMI and VGA as a second screen from motherboard. During the installation (at 35%) the PC just froze, Motherboard VGA screen on my second monitor stayed on but windows did not respond, GPU HDMI went black (previously I used single monitor with VGA as main source). So the problem persists.