Whea 17 - Ryzen 3700x - Nvidia gtx 1070 the culprit - 1003abb

Discussion created by callummack on Jul 31, 2019
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Hi Guys. 

I have a problem with whea errors but no BSOD or issues that I can see. 


My gear below. 


Ryzen 3700x,

16gb team 8 ram PC 3600mhz cas 16 xmp profile enabled,

Gigabyte Aorus x570 proton 4h code (1003abb released 07/31)

Nvidia gtx 1070 MSI Armor 8gb connected to top x16 slot.

850 watt Vega g3 psu,

Coolermaster mastercool 360mm AIO,

1 x 500 GB Samsung pm961 NVMe - boot,

1 x 1TB crucial mx500 sad- games,


Windows 10 1903 @ latest patches,

Chipset driver at latest released 07/30,

Ryzen master at latest released 07/30,

Running Ryzen balanced power management scheme. 


The WHEA error clearly points to PCIe bus between my Nvidia GTX 1070 and CPU, but I can't notice any actual system instability. It seems rock solid. No crashes from games, no boss's, all core boosting to 4.25ghz on stock.  Games run fine. Ssd bench is good. 


I am not sure what to make of these WHEA errors as nothing actually seems untoward. 


I have tested with the PCIe slot swapped from v4.0 to 3.0 but still I get logs. 


Thinking I should post or report as the blow which came out from AMD seemed to hint that 1003abb would fix the WHEA issues. 


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.