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Relive green screen All drivers updated.

Question asked by jokbon on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by edmondvonersung

Relive showing mouse and green screen. It corrupts video. The solution is to reinstall but this happens again and again it alredy happened for me like 20 times how much i have to reinstall?


Affected versions: 17.x.x --->19.5.2 --->19.7.2
OS used: Win 10 17xx ---> 1903
Graphics: Asus Rx560 v2 strix
Cpu: Pentium g4400 ----> +R2700x
Mobo: MSI h110m pro-d and ASUS450M-K
Chipsets were updated, bios too from old to new omg all versions got this