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Apple Bootcamp Driver wont download off the site?

Question asked by nickl25 on Aug 1, 2019

I did a Windows reinstallation with a resized Bootcamp Partition on my 2017 MBP and have fully installed it & all of my other drivers (I've been an avid bootcamp user for a while so nothing new to me), when I try to download the 18.40 MacBook driver it shows up in my Downloads folder but I get an error saying its invalid and cant be opened....?

I've never had that show up before for any driver download, and oddly enough it seems I can download & install ANY of the previous drivers and still the 18.40 will not download a valid copy. 


Would really appreciate some help in finding what's making it become invalid, especially since the previous released 2018 driver has my fonts strobing like disco colors with 3 out of 4 of my MacBook Type C ports.