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5700xt screen going blank.

Question asked by needsnurfing on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by eventh0r1z0n

XFX 5700xt 19.7.1/2/3/4 currently downloading /5

R7 2700x

16gb 3200c14

asus crosshair hero VII latest bios 2501.

Asus rog strix XG35VQ 35" Ultrawide displayport

LG UM68-P 29" Ultrawide (old monitor) displayport

Corsair 750w platinum

256gb nvme m.2

1tb ssd


All drivers present the crashing/blanking issue. The display adapter seems to just disappear and monitor turns off. 30 seconds later the pc reboots and error codes on the motherboard show up but from what i can tell it posts and loads windows just no display.


No amount of rebooting will bring the display back, initially thought the card was dead. after removing the card and booting with a gtx 1060 reinstalling the 5700xt has it working as normal until the crash happens again. As a work around you can power off the system, unplug the power and hold the power button to drain stored capacitance and also need to change display port plugs on the gpu (SoL if using HDMI as there is only one). Then the pc boots without needing a gpu swap and the display has restored.


Issue is happening much more frequently on my new monitor which has a res and refresh bump over my old monitor. 3440x1440 vs 2560x1080 and 100hz vs 75hz. the 2560 monitor could go 2-3 days without issue where as the 3440 is yet to go a single day without a crash. It could be the refresh rates as i have heard enhanced sync and vsync issues being thrown around but also the resolution bump as people have said VSR can be a cause.


Taking that information into account VSR, vsync, freesync and fan curves I performed a DDU from safe mode on the system and reinstalled the latest chipset drivers first v1.07.07.0725 then I opted for 19.7.3 display drivers as i believe .4 and .5 are just game specific bug fixes and nothing else.


once installed and after the reboots, i configured radeon properties with;

Freesync: Off

Vsync: Always off

VSR: Off


Also power plan;

Windows Balanced;

Monitor off - 10mins

sleep - Never

cpu speed min 5%

max 100%


I never entered wattman, the disclaimer screen is still present so all wattman settings are default. Since doing all this the pc has crashed 5 times.


Two crashes were idle at the desktop with maybe a few chrome tabs open but otherwise system was not in use. 

One crash was whilst browsing the AMD community forums.

One crash was playing pc building simulator under heavy load.

Last crash was during creating the forum post.


I'm stuck now AMD, my pc store can't replicate the issue in an hour or two of testing so they won't RMA the card or replace it. Having said that it does seem like a driver issue? I'm happy to reach out on skype, discord, screenshare, assist where required if you need more information but we really need this fixed.


I have attached some supporting evidence, if you reference the bug check image that shows all the times my pc has rebooted. The gpu was purches on the 16th, new monitor on the 31st. so you can see there is a big uptake in crashing since changing monitors. Most of those crashes were the latest drivers at the time and freesync on with vsync off and vsr off.