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Ryzen 3000 Chipset Driver Update And Installation

Question asked by brucer on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by brucer

Amd and or Mods here need to make a detailed Chipset driver download link, Installation procedure and or Update procedure..

Need a pinned link to check for chipset updates and versions, because who the hell would know to do this unless they are familiar with the process..  A community news release isnt the way to do it, thats laughable at best.


This issue with the ryzen cpus not hitting their advertised boost frequencies agesa/bios issues is ridiculous and shows AMD as a bunch of amateurs.  It'll literally take months to resolve this issue as the agesa is updated by amd, then passes it on to motherboard manufacturers, then waiting on motherboard manufacturers to produce and post bios updates for each particular x370/470/570 boards.. 


 This issue should have been resolved prior to the launch and amd knows it, amateurs I tell you, just amaturs.. Amd should be ashamed releasing beta products to consumers..


I should have learned my lesson by now..