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RAID critical error message when Booting up

Question asked by tryingtogetraidtowork on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by kaziu

I had a system built for me and it has 2 SSD's. They set up RAID (AMD motherboard)) for those, and I believe it is RAID 1 (mirror)  How can I tell whether it is RAID 1 5 or 10 they set up (leaving aside number of Disk )  as they never told me.


Anyway when I booted up there is a text message on screen saying "Warning there is a critical error in the array".

It then goes on to boot to WINDOWS 10 ok and all appears hunky dory.  I then rebooted and went Ctrl R and went into RAID Bios.  It tells me one of drives is online and other is ready.  Now I am now sure what either means ,but one would assume ready means ready but not in use. I there fiddled around with that drive and whatever I did it then showed up in Computer Management (Storage) in Windows 10, which it hadn't before I guess because was in RAID.  Anyway then then went back into RAID bios and "initialized" that drive. Anyway whatever I did when I booted up later the message had done to "normal " when booting up so assumed all ok.  To be sure I went into RAID Bios again and indeed now BOTH drives showed as being "online"  . Out of BIOS and rebooted and message still was "Normal".


However this morning (next day) I rebooted and all as reverted to "warning critical error in array .Critical R/W"  

and within RAID Bios one is "ready" and one drive "online". DOH !.  The only thing I had done on computer day before was clone the drive to external and add some data to computer from another computer.


What could be causing this ?. I doubt it is one of SSD's as when it did shown up I used "SPECCY" and it showed both drives OK etc . It MUST therefore be something to do with RAID I assume ???.   


ADDED (1)  (What I have now managed to do is make the "ready" Drive a "Hot Spare" and I THINK have assigned as spare to the other drive (which is RAID Bios is marked as "critical" although I guess that means the Array is "critical" and not drive 1)  and so NOW both drives show in same array and both "online" in green letters . I THINK it may be that drive 1 now gradually rebuilds onto drive 2 (the one I made hot spare }  Am I  on right lines perhaps ?


ADDED (2)  OK , just as this may help someone with the same problem  . SUCCESS  !!. Well for now anyway.

What I did at "ADDED (1) immediately above,Succeeded.   NOW when I Boot the message comes up as "Normal". I will check in RAID Bios now and.........Bingo, both show as "online" in Green letters and the word "CRITICAL" in red letters has gone. SO question now is WHY did it slip back ?.  I am presuming my making the 2nd disk a "hot spare" and then assigning it to the Array with the ONLY disk left being marked in red (likely because it was a lone disk)  it then slowly rebuilt the 2nd disk and now is happy it is back to being a RAID 1 with 2 disks mirrored. 


BY THE WAY I did not replace or change any Disk. I had 2 disks. I made educated guess as to which Disk was the one that was containing the OS and data (Disk 1) and,  which Disk (Disk 2) was MEANT to be the Mirror in the pair (i.e. RAID 1) . Disk 1 was in red letters marked Critical in RAID Bios and Disk 2 simply said "Ready". So I INITIALISED Disk 2 through the option in RAID Bios. 


THEN I assigned the Newly INITIALISED Disk 2 (Note DISK 2)   as a "Hot Spare" and THEN I added it to the Array (i.e. the DISK 1 in red marked as Critical  It (Disk 1)  was marked as Critical in red letters NOT because it itself was faulty BUT because it was a sole HD in a supposed RAID 1 Array )  .   I then rebooted and left the computer for couple hours HOPING it would rebuild Disk 2 as a Mirror AND IT DID !.  I did reboot after about 15 mins to see if had been sorted but hadn't SO I left for 2 more hours    (Presuming that it would take that long to rebuild EVEN THOUGH it did NOT tell me it was rebuilding I only guessed it might be)   and then rebooted and Bingo all ok. I can only GUESS it did Rebuild ?. Anyone know otherwise ??



Any ideas welcome thanks.