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radeon rx 5700 xt display port flashes color screens after driver install

Question asked by bcoop on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by kaelezar

I have always used a Display cable for my display port on my gtx 1080. However I just bought a rx 5700 xt and after I installed the card and plugged in the display cable I get the windows start screen and options for bios. I can even go into the bios. However once loaded up windows 10 64bit, I begin install the Radeon drivers from amd's website. Halfway through the install the screen starts flashing, white for a second, then green, then blue, then red and yellow in loop over and over until I unplug the display cable. I checked all three display ports on the card and each time the colored screens flash. Once I plug in the hdmi cable to the hdmi port I can see my desktop just fine and my 144hz monitor allows up to 120 hz with the hdmi. I want working display ports so that I can get 144 hz. I've tried using ddu like all the other post and I still land to the same issue. *** is this a driver issue or what.