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Max boost clock on Ryzen 9

Question asked by entropie on Jul 31, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by brucer


first of all I want to congratulate you on this new awesome Ryzen 9 processor. I ordered one 3 days after launch and got it 5 days later in Europe, so thumbs up for that. It boosted my headless Linux gaming rig to the best possible level and the CPU doesnt even sweat yet. Star Citizen + wine + dxvk + h.264 encoding + stream recording running easily all at once and the wraith prism is barely spinning.


So my question is, I was wondering what I am doing wrong, cause it wont hit the 4,6 Ghz single core boost. I got it pretty close but I am still not there. I am running on a cheap and plain MSI B450 Tomahawk and had a R7 2700X before. Updated to Agesa and besides that I havent changed a BIOS setting, except putting the Ram @3200 Mhz what it can handle. Are there maybe any BIOS settings I forgot to switch or is it yet due to the Agesa version, which doesnt manage the 4,6 Ghz yet? I have the version 19 of the actual BIOS for my board atm, there was just a new beta BIOS released, I havent gotten yet.


I have made some single core benchmarks, where I let a Fast Fourier Transformation run contained to every of the 24 logical cores and the result is:

Highest I get is 4,44 Ghz on Core 13, I tested all of them:

On Core 0 the average fps are highest with 4,23 Ghz:


My Geekbench results are pretty good, in single core it is on par with the 9900K and on multi core it beats them all.


Thank you for your hints and keep up the good work !