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XFX RX570 8GB Black Edition wont display on 4k tv

Question asked by aaron121314 on Jul 29, 2019

Hello! I have an xfx rx 570 8gb Black Edition and currently running 2 1080p monitors with display port and have had no issues. I recently got a samsung 4k tv and connected it through hdmi to the card and I was able to get all 3 displays working at once but only if I capped the resolution at 1080p for the tv. I messed with some of the radeon settings trying to get it to display in 4k and my pc wouldnt display anything on the tv after that. I decided to try a fresh install of the radeon drivers and updated windows and now every time I try to enable the 4k tv in display settings both of my 1080p monitors start flickering and nothing happens on the tv. I cant do anything until it reverts back to previous settings. Even with only the tv connected to the gpu I still cant get a display. I would be happy with 1080p on the tv at this point as long as I could use it! This has been driving me crazy for a while now so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!



Motherboard- Msi B350 Gaming Plus

CPU- Ryzen 5 1500x

Ram- Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB

GPU- XFX RX570 8GB Black Edition

TV- Samsung UN557100