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I swear i'm going to move over to nvidia

Question asked by jamjam on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by izmacz

Every time I go to record or save an instant replay I get green screens, for example. Earlier it was working fine, no issues in the video. An hour later it decides to become a green screen, The only solution to this is by updating graphics drivers which I don't need to. I don't understand why it works one day, and the other day not. No settings have been changed, and it's p****** me off. 


Always press my binds to record, save the replay to capture a funny moment or some top-notch kills but no, I get f***** with a green screen. Also, my mic gets all crackly too, nothing wrong with it in other programmes, OBS fine, Audacity Fine. 


This issue is either

A - My graphics card

B - the Relive Programme.