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Windows 10 1903 with Hyper-V Role very slow login screen

Question asked by dangerclosedigital on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2019 by mtaivai

Hey guys, I don't use my PC for gaming, I use it to host Hyper-Vs roles for my day job and for Photoshop and video rendering in my side business. I just updated my processor this weekend to a 3900x from a 2700x on an Asus x470 Pro Prime motherboard, same motherboard and same Corsair 3200 memory as it used with the 2700x processor prior to the processor swap, and now I am having issues. I came here seeking some guidance for some issues, and to see if anyone here has had similar experiences as me. I have two distinct problems.



The first problem is that my memory is no longer stable using the DOCP settings in the BIOS to read the timings from the modules. In order for me to boot and not blue screen, I must turn DOCP off and set the memory speed to 3200 manually for it to be stable. I even attempted a new install of Windows 10 on freshly destroyed and recreated partitions on an NVME drive, but even the Windows Setup program couldn't get through 100% of the file installation process without random errors, at least not until I turned off DOCP where it appeared to run fine until...


My second problems is that once I enable the Hyper-V role in Windows 10 build 1903, the role installs as it should, but the time between the busy indicator spinning on the screen during bootup disappearing and the login screen appearing can be anywhere between one and two minutes. Once the login screen appears, everything seems to be working as it should, but the initial boot time is just too much to bear. I did not have this issue until I enabled the Hyper-V role, prior to that boot/login times were normal.


None of these issues were present when I was using the 2700x, processor which used the same motherboard and memory, as well as the same Windows configuration. I game only on my xbox, and I value stability over speed so I am not attempting to overclock any portion of the system.


Has anyone else experienced these issues?