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Micro ATX platform?

Question asked by alonzotg on Jul 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by hardcoregames™

I probably should continue to wait for Threadripper 3 and install that in my main machine... and then move my 1800x/B350 to my HTPC/gaming machine. But then living with my oooold A88 (FM2+, direct ancestor of AM4) is really getting on my nerves. It is similar to the B350 in all respects except being several generations old at this point.  I'm looking to upgrade my video card soon and putting that in my old machine is going to be a bit worse than comical. 


So my other option is to skip the idea of hand-me-down parts from the main machine and upgrade the secondary machine directly. It's in my living room so I selected a compact micro-atx case. MicroATX is the most elegant solution for AM4 chips... 


Cooling has always been a problem on that machine. I ended up with a 240mm AIO cooler that I got out of a refurbished pile... (pump == JUNK) However that has proven to be inadequate too, Nier: Automata can halt the machine, I had to lower the clock speed by 100mhz to compensate. The next notch up is custom water and I'm like:  =\


So, when's the ETA on 3000 series compatible mATX boards?