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RX 580 8GB + r5 1600 low fps

Question asked by kurayamiyo on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by saywhut

Hi guys, nice to meet you all.
Sorry if there's some english mistakes, I'm still learning the language. 


I recently bought a RX 580GB + R5 1600 + A320MH + 8gb ddr4 + CX 500, like 5 days ago.
I saw a lot of benchmarks and tests on YouTube, and I liked a lot of the results, but it's not working the way i thought...
I'm having just 100 fps on League of Legends (max sets), and 120~180 fps on CS:GO (low sets, 1024x768). 

A friend of mine that uses R3 2200G + RX 570 4GB are having more FPS than me on LoL, with same settings on the game... (200fps+)


I'm using the latest AMD Adrenalin driver, 19.7.3 Optional. 


Can someone help me? 


Thanks for reading.