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Far cry 4 lighting glitch rx 570

Question asked by tinyp4wn on Jul 28, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2020 by longnguyen812

So, I used to have a gtx 660 and I recently bought a r5 1600 and rx 570 and decided to play some far cry 4 just cause it's a game I used to love and couldn't run at maximum on my previous gpu, but now I'm having this traumatizing glitch where the entire terrain becomes black when I cross a certain line on the ground(literal lines on the ground) at specific places. Here's a few examples:
As soon as I walked over a cetain "pixel", everything turns black permanently, so if I walk back the glitch persists. This happens at certain places of the map. And since it started happening after I got the new gpu, I think it's something with the driver or whatever, anyone has any idea? I've tried so many things to fix it but nothing does it, I can't find absolutely anything in the entire internet about this glitch, seems like I'm the first one to ever run into it.