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RadeonSettings.exe 0xc0000005

Question asked by nevic on Jul 28, 2019

i have this problem in WarFace where the textures are messed up or extremely transparent or pitch black, i googled a solution and they say that its either the games antialiasing or nvidia's/amd's settings about antialiasing on WarFace,

the first option doesn't work for me so i tried opening RadeonSettings.exe but when i open in it greets me with "the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). click OK to close the application" i tried googling a solution to this problem but i got nothing. i have a support ticket currently but i want this solution gone fast. i just want to play some warface.


(also i downloaded dll's from and pasted them onto the right spots so i could "fix" the previous dll problems AUEPUF.exe was giving me but it ended up the same as RadeonSettings.exe comment me on this i don't know how to fix anything computer related)


had to opt out of fullscreen to take screenshots


afdadad.png and asfdgasdf.png are the screenshots of the errors cropped out in mspaint because why not



8gb ram

windows 7 64bit