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How do I know if my rx5700xt is defective?

Question asked by talf on Jul 28, 2019

Hey, I'm having issues (like many others, I see) with the new Sapphire 5700 xt.


I have the most recent driver installed (19.7.3) after using DDU.

Using DDU really improved the situation but still games like GTA V will not boot.


In Apex Legends i'm experiencing flickering black screens, and in random cases just existing from Full Screen mode.


And in some cases when going back to windows (after leaving a game), the folders background are colored in black.


I tested the GPU with Unigine Heaven to see if i'm experiencing artifacts but it works flawless.

In most other games i'm also having no problems at all (worth noticing i'm using fairly old CPU (i5-4590)).


So how do I really know if my card is defected?

Are my problems known to the community and can be solved by future driver versions?


I need to know because I can return it within 30 days after purchasing...


Thanks in advance!