PPT and TDC stuck at low values in ryzen master

Discussion created by jonjon on Jul 27, 2019
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I've got bad temps with my 3900x when I run prime95 and aida64. It goes up to 95º and throttle. With today better ambient temp, it went down to 85-90º but I think it's still bad compared to other ppl who report temps around 75º with same CPU and cooler.


When monitoring ryzen master, I've observed that PPT always vary between 6-8% and TDC is stuck at 0%. Only EDC reach 100%.


Can it be the reason I got such bad temps at load?
How can I be sure if this is a bugged bios or a bugged ryzen master?


I tried to override PPT to 100w either in bios and in ryzen master but temps are still not better this way.


My motherboard is a crosshair VII. Everything is at stock settings. Ryzen Master is up to date as well as bios and chipset drivers. Windows is 1903


Thanks for your help