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Ryzen 7 3700x broken power settings (Hot mess!)

Question asked by tanarotte on Jul 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by jamesx380fx

Hello, i am a new somewhat happy owner of 3700x paired to msi b450 gaming pro carbon and fresh install of windows 10.

I have found an issue with powerplans on this unit. (all stock settings and a -0.08v vcore (negative offset) as the mobo defaults to quite high value.


Heres how it is supposed to work and always worked:


High performance plan should attempt to run at or arround max boost clock speeds most of the time.

Balanced plan should underclock to about 2ghz but ramp to max boost clocks up very quickly if processing power is demanded with steps in between.

Power saver plan should underclock to about 2ghz or lower and also ramp up to max boost clocks but it should do it more gradualy over few seconds, reducing clock spikes.


I found out that power saver plan works as its supposed to fluctuating from (2.1ghz 0.9v) to (4.1ghz @ 1.28V).
Balanced plan runs the cpu constantly at arround 4.1ghz with very very rare single core dips to slightly below 4ghz, which is too agressive, nothing about desktop wallpaper watching requries (4.1ghz 1.42V) pretty much constantly.

High performance plan does work as its supposed to smashing 1.45v and 4.2 in  24/7 fasion.


Since i mostly prefer balanced plan (if it works correctly) and I am averse to extra heat being generated just to look at desktop i decided to install AMD chipset driver and included AMD power plans and test them.

Imagine my suprise when i saw AMD "POWER SAVER" plan smashing 4.25ghz 1.52v all core with small occasional dips to 4.1Ghz. . .

What the actual f. That is with -0.08 voltage offset and box cooler! Are You mad? On Your "POWER SAVER" plan 3700x reaches 85degrees celsius in 4 seconds of cinebench run! (+/-17c room temp)


All of the three AMD made power profiles fluctuate arround very uncomfortable 1.5v at arround 4.25Ghz. . . .

I am not surprised people are complaining about the chip high temperature. . . . .



Both high performance plans run somewhat like intended but hot as f with AMD one running more volts,

Both balance plans are broken, stock one is way too agressive and underclocks too little, AMD one pretends to be high performance instead (=broken as f.).

Stock power saver plan while slow to ramp up is the only one not pushing uncomfortable voltages and downclocking properly. Its the only mode good enough for daily use, with AMD power saver plan just going to space and back pushing crazy volts all the time and not downclocking more than 100mhz.