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Radeon VII poor OpenGL performance and unstable frequencies

Question asked by thatnerdgui on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2019 by thatnerdgui

I've been experiencing issues with OpenGL where both core and memory frequency are all over the place and thus the performance is just terrible. Sometimes frequencies will also go pass way beyond their limitations which is something not present with any other API. This behavior is present in both Win10 and Linux. On Linux, forcing the core frequency to be constant improves the performance to ~200% sometimes. I can't do the same test on Win10 since it seems there's no software what will allow me to do this. To put how bad the performance is, my 6 y/o GTX 770 2GB outperforms the Radeon VII in these cases, even on Linux. So far it's been a frustrating experience since some software I frequently use for productivity workloads even show this behavior, unless the old card is constrained by it's low VRAM of course. I'm using Win10 latest updates, R7 2700X and 19.6.1 drivers since every 19.7.X driver I've tried is pretty much broken. Any help would be really appreciated.