Ryzen 3700x defaulting to 1.49v

Discussion created by onepunchgus on Jul 25, 2019
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Hey everyone,


I feel like the swap from my 2700x to 3700x didn't go too well. I followed all procedures carefully and realized a few things:


  • The voltage on the 3700x defaults to 1.48-1.49v in the BIOS settings, and it shows on Ryzen Master and HWinfo. According to HWinfo it hit a max of 1.5v (I manually set my voltage to 1.36v and temps went down by at least 10-15c).
  • Upon start up my graphic card spins insanely fast now. Sounds like a jet engine for about 5 seconds during post.
  • Error on post that my AIO fans were not connected to my CPU headers, and fans wouldn't spin. (I had to manually tune the fans to run at full certain high speeds for error to go away).
  • I cannot overclock my Ram anymore through Asus' "AI Overclock Tuner." As I get a "C5" error code on my mobo, and it would stay stuck on post. (only way to fix is to clear CMOS and leave default settings for Ram). 


So what's the deal here? Should I just speak with Asus instead? I never had an issue with the 2700x. I'm thinking about returning the 3700x if the issue is not resolved within 30 days. Anyone else having these issues or similar weird things occur after swapping?


Asus Crosshair VII HERO (wifi) BIOS 2501
Ryzen 3700x

16GB G.Skill Trident Z

GTX 2080Ti


Take Care,