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5700XT crashing and freezing

Question asked by tgn on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on May 12, 2020 by rikimaruuk

Okay... So my 5700XT has started to really screw with me now... Im getting sick and tired honestly... GTA 5 does not load, (ir worked earlier today), now its being a b!tch and not loading, neither does FiveM, every other game like Far Cry5, watch dogs 2, the crew 2, forza horizon 4 and so on is crashing whenever i change the settings from low to ultra, it doesnt seem like its the graphic settings thats messing up, its fullscreen, as soon as i put ANYTHING in fullscreen (even youtube on chrome) it lags, hangs, freezes and so on... Games dont even just lag, they either completely freezes my PC, auto closes the game, or auto turn off my PC. Im running the latest 19.7.3 adrenalin driver that was released today, i tried goin back to 19.7.2, didnt help, ive tried re installing the driver and so much more... This is on a freshly installed windows 1903 may update aswell... I dont know what to do with this card, is it a software problem? is it a GPU problem? My plan was to have this reference cooler 5700XT until the MSI twin frozr release in a few weeks (i have 60 days to return it for a full refund), but the problems ive been having are just getting to a point now where i dont know what to do.