Adrenalin 2019-Edition 19.7.3

Discussion created by ish1neyi on Jul 26, 2019

Dear AMD company.
Today Adrenalin 2019-Edition 19.7.3 driver came out.
Perhaps there is an increase of 13% Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

At the same time, the games under Direct X 9 and 11, which worked perfectly under Adrenalin 2019-Edition 19.7.2, began to work incorrectly.
For example, Rage 1, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

I understand correctly? While continuing to use your products, I should have a collection of drivers.
Selecting a driver for certain games.

It may make sense to make a table with checking on which driver this or that game works.

Prior to that, using the services of your competitors, it never occurred to me that such a situation was possible.



Recently bought game Sinking City, crashes with low lv Fatal Error.