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RX 5700 Out of Range and Crashing

Question asked by pcb.peasant on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2019 by bugzbunny

Okay so, I've recently purchased an XFX version of this card and first of all the first card was a DUD LOL But anywho, I was able to update my bios which at first I thought was the source of the problem, drivers as well of course. My main concern is when I turn on my computer.. -__- I seriously have to cross my fingers and hope to Odin that my pc posts and lets me into the windows login screen, sometimes it will skip the boot logo and such and skip to the windows login all while my monitor is displaying an out of range message, or sometimes it will not post with the gpu at all. I know its the drivers as I installed my rx 580 to this no problem. Forgot to mention that it will also crash a lot during much that I question my sanity at times...Am I doing something wrong? Could my mobo be the suspect in this My build is as follows:


Ryzen 3600

Thermaltake 650w Bronze PSU

16gb of Geil Spear 2666 RAM

RX 5700 XFX 

Asus TUF B350 Gaming Plus Micro ATX 


A huge thanks beforehand