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5700XT AE - Do I Need to RMA?

Question asked by brandon5879 on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2019 by shrek86

So, like many others in this community, I recently purchases a 5700XT (Anniversary Edition).


This card was put into a newly built PC: Gigabyte Aorus x570, 3600X, 32GB DDR 3200 Memory


When I did the initial build of the PC 19.7.2 drivers had already released, so those are the drivers that I installed initially. Everything ran great for the first couple hours while playing DCS, Anthem, Arma 3, Rainbow Six, and Forza Horizon; I really wanted to put the card through its paces to see what it could do. 


I then started seeing "black screen" crashes that required me to perform a hard reboot of my PC and some artifacting (although the artifacting only occurred in title screens with very high FPS). It was at this point that I booted into safe mode and ran DDU and tried 19.7.1; I initially found some stability, but then the very same issues returned. Black screen driver crashes that require a reboot. I also saw something that I hadn't seen before and I wish I would've recorded it. On some of these crashes, instead of the black screen, the screen would be populated by these weird uniform symbols that were red and green that would "shift" back and forth in a uniform pattern; it wasn't artifacting, I have never seen anything like it before. 


This was followed up by me running DDU again and going back to 19.7.2. At this point I had read to not touch anything in Wattman, not enable suggested settings, etc and that Wattman may have been causing the crashes. Again, this found me some stability, but after several hours and a restart later, the crashes were back (just the black screen crashes). 


My most recent troubleshooting step seemed to be the most stable so far, but I have seen 2 black screen driver crashes using it as well. I uninstalled with with DDU and this time extracted 19.7.2 and manually installed the Display Adapter driver using the file path that the driver was extracted to, essentially installing the driver without Radeon Settings/Wattman beside it. Again, everything was great for a little while, but then crashes began again.


Do these seem like driver issues that will be fixed by newer drivers, or did I really get a dud of a card? It's a real shame, because when this card is running well it absolutely flies.


TLDR; I have done every troubleshooting method i've read or heard about and have been scouring the internet for days, trying everything I could, to no avail. Do these sound like driver issues, or is it possible the card is bad?