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new build 2400g no video out of HDMI?

Question asked by lwik on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by lwik

UPDATE: I have error code 15", "63", "4d"?


Hi All, I just built my second computer (first one in Feb). I bought the 2400G as a temporary CPU until the Ryzen 3000 16 core comes out on my Asrock X570. I thought I could spend the time installing software and such. After 2 days it was ready and I turned it on and had just a black screen? I was expecting it to auto detect the HDMI port and show the Asrock logo and take me to the BIOS, no such luck. I grabbed a second HDMI cable I was using for my Mac after reading there might be problems with the HDMI version. That cable allows me to have 3440 x 1400 res.


Fans come on, lights come on but no video out. I am at a loss and wondering if anyone had some advice?


Probably should mention that I have

32 gis ram (2X16) that is DDR4 3600

m.2 1 Terabyte EVO 970