StreamLabs OBS Display Capture Black Screen

Discussion created by xpyder on Jul 23, 2019

I have 3 monitors. all currently connected to the motherboard so i can capture, and stream the displays. 

I have talked to Streamlabs support. TONS of times. the say its my GPU. So when my monitors are plugged into my GPU (AMD Radeon R9 200 Series) the monitors work fine and so does game play, but when I go to broadcast gameplay all it picks up is a black screen. i am not 100% sure what to do. I have tried google as well but all the issues i find are for Laptops and NVIDIA. I Am hoping someone can reach out to me soon so my 800$ piece of equipment isn't going to waste. Also, I have tried updating drivers. Also accidentally clicked on Clone displays and now when its checked all 3 monitors display the same thing, but when i unchecked it, it stops recognizing monitor 1 and 2, and I cant do anything.