5700XT Questionable Performance

Discussion created by kkohena on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2020 by baepe

I've gone through a lot of settings and driver adjustments to get to this point and its relatively stable. The card will still crash when alt tabbing a full screen game, or having a notification pop up. Also some issues with the overlay but nothing has happened while in game yet. I've only tested FFXIV for a solid amount of time. In FFXIV the performance is well enough at 1440p on High ranging from 70-110 FPS depending on if there are a lot of people on the screen. This is an improvement over my GTX 1080ftw. However, when I've tried Dauntless and Destiny 2, my frames are maxing out around 40 at 1440p. This is a dramatic drop from my 1080. I've also noticed incredibly poor utilization percentages on the GPU in those games as well. Around 50% consistently. FFXIV utilizes the GPU fairly well as one might expect from the solid frames but even that doesnt maintain above 90% on average. My card runs pretty cool as I've placed the Arctic Accelero Extreme IV cooler on it, but other than prevent the card from bursting into flame or being excessively loud, this hasn't helped much at all. I'm also noticing black screens for an extended period of time when first opening games or benchmarks or alt tabbing.


My settings in Wattman are in the screenshot as well as a 10 minute utilization average graph on Dauntless while standing/running around in town at 1440p borderless windowed avg 40fps. Also 10min utilization average graph on FFXIV standing/running around town 1440p borderless window avg 90fps.


I suppose my question is, has anyone else experienced incredibly poor performance in games for a card that should be consistently over 60fps at 1440p? or some of my other issues? 


My system:

2560x1440p 144hz Dell Monitor

1900x1200 Hanns G Monitor

Intel i7 7700k 4.2 OC'd to 4.8 Turbo w/ EVGA CLC120 AIO

ASrock z270 Extreme 4 LGA1151

16gb DDR4 

AMD 5700xt AE w/ Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV

Windows 10 Home 

EVGA Supernova 850 G+

1980mHz 1041mV

875 MHZ memory