Heat transportation Problem - 3900x

Discussion created by dkoopman on Jul 22, 2019
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Hi there,


you can read about thermal problem all over the place. I think there is an issue between Die and Heatspreader.


What else can cause that:

prime95 small FFT.. CPU temperature jumps instantly to 95°C and even after minutes the groundplate and heatpipes of my DarkRock pro 4 is not much warmer than my hand, where as the vrm heatsinks are twice the temperature i would guess. I reapplyed the cooler (with noctua nh1) as well as the stock cooler 5 times in total, with similar result. I realy dont want to delid my CPU, but i dont know what else can couse that behaviour other that bad contact to the heatspreader.


If the cooler would be hot as well this would be a total different thing, but it is not hot.


Other specs


x570 taichi

2x16gb cruical balistics

bequiet dark rock pro4