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Has AMD acknowledged 5700 series driver issues at all?

Question asked by foxwater on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by kkohena

At this point a consistent set of issues seem fairly widespread...but I haven't seen AMD officially acknowledge anything. It would go a long way if they just admitted the current drivers have some serious issues and that they're working on solutions. I'm fine with reinstalling my reliable 1070 and waiting a couple of weeks for more stable drivers, but they need to at least say SOMETHING.


Personally, I'm just getting the occasional black screen on 19.7.2 (5700 XT AE)...but that's with pretty much every radeon settings option disabled. I also bumped my fan curve up quite a bit because the default curve is downright idiotic...pretty sure my card would quietly melt away (and throttle) if I left it stock.