Black Ops 4 is keep causing driver (or whole system to?) crash on RX 5700XT on windows 10. Also other issues with that game... #AMD

Discussion created by patent122 on Jul 22, 2019
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So far this is the only game which is making me a lot of problems. Game runs okay, I expected much higher FPS boost when coming from GTX 1080 because this is AMD optimized game however I feel like FPS are almost the same if not worse...
- Game has currently VRAM leak on my RX 5700XT, hitting 8GB VRAM usage on High settings at 1080p forcing me to play with textures on High and shadows on high, ingame settings show VRAM requirements for High settings is 5.2GB of VRAM (if not lower), ingame graph show VRAM usage at 5600MBs and is always stuck there, meanwhile msi afterburner shows VRAM usage at 8GBs, this needs to be fixed...
- Game has terrible frametimes below 130fps and simply doesn't feel smooth. It also doesn't feel smooth at locked 74fps with Freesync ON, it feels more like 55-60fps. This is really annoying especially on Alpha Omega map which runs pretty bad on my 5700XT averaging 80-90fps outside the bunker on High settings 1080p.
Game ran PERFECTLY FINE AND SMOOTH on my previous GTX 1080 with Textures at Ultra without sttuer due to not enough VRAM. Also didn't have main issue...
MAIN ISSUE: Game will simply freeze and then totally crash the GPU driver(?) not sure. Game works fine but windows is having problems. Basically when I Alt+Tab or minimalize the game windows is frozen, it still works but screen is frozen, taskbar is static, I can't open new programs but I can still maximize programs which I opened earlier. This is how it looks: Imgur: The magic of the Internet 
Game still works and doesn't have any problems with FPS, stutter or things like that. I can still go back and play the game but I no longer can do literally anything at windows. I can't even shutdown my PC because taskbar is frozen. Ctrl+Win key+Shitf+B ''SOMETIMES'' can solve this but usually cause screen to go crazy and display artifacts. Ctrl+Alt+delete causes screen to go completely black. Even when I close the game windows is still frozen. What I tried to solve this:
- I reinstalled entire game and battlenet (140GBs)
- I reinstalled Windows 10 (tried 1903 and 1809)
- I tried Windows 7, I was getting constant black screens, gpu crashes and LOST HDMI SIGNAL and went back to win 10
- I tried installing only display driver without AMD software
- I turned off Fullscreen optimizations, windows gamemode and game DVR
- I removed config file of the game and let it create a new one
Issue still exists even on fresh windows 10 with only GPU driver and game installed. This problem only exists in this game. I played Dying Light for 4 hours yesterday and didn't have a single problem, GTA5, BF5, Wildlands, all my steam games, both new Tomb Raider games, basically every other games run flawlessly, they don't crash the driver, they don't crash the software, they don't stutter ETC. only BO4 is freezing windows. Do you have any solutions for this or atleast do you also have this issue?