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Should i fill a complain on your trusted Retailers by CONSUMER PROTECTIVE Act 1986 ? from india

Question asked by vikas_maksimova on Jul 21, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by elstaci

One of the trusted retailer of AMD i.e "M.D. Computers", on Saturday 20th July 2019 price of this product was Rs 42299, but on Monday i.e. today 22nd July 2019, they have increased the priced Rs 43499.

Why they have increased the price suddenly ?

Since other retailer like "Primeabgb"is selling at Rs 42,468.

Since AMD Company is selling this product at 499 dollar as per lunching date to consumer, additional 18 % will be added which became Rs 40546, according to India as well as if they are taking additional RS 2000  as a profit its okay, but how can they do increase they product value  and charging more money.

Since this two are trusted retailer company from india which is showing on your website and i am attachng the proof to you inorder make it transparency.


Should i fill a complain on him as per the CONSUMER PROTECTIVE Act 1986 ?

Rather you will do something in-order to save the other consumer from the to overpaid products