2600x Worst specimen here?

Discussion created by curse127 on Jul 22, 2019

Hey. My 2600x takes 4.1 GHz only at of 1.425V.
But it's not a problem.
The problem is the speed of RAM.
So, I have MSI b450m bazooka v2 with official support for RAM speeds of up to 3466, as well as a Kingston Hyperix predator 3333 MHz (hx433c16pb3k2 / 16) memory, it is on my motherboard compatibility list.
But I can not even use the standard speed of 3333 megahertz. Various failures and errors occur. Most often these are three long signals when exiting the BIOS, while the CPU indicator on the motherboard is on ...
Maximum stability is achieved only at a frequency of 3200 megahertz ...
I have been fiddling with overclocking for quite some time - 3 months, I used a different software like a ryzen dramm calculator, and also tried to adjust the parameters manually.
And now I can say with confidence that there are no settings in BIOS that could provide me stability even at the frequency standard for this memory - 3333 MHz.

I also dispersed the memory to the cherished 3466 MHz, and it worked steadily for several days and passed 3-8 hour stress memory tests.
The processor was purchased in April of this year. Really, by the end of the production of Zen +, AMD has so “optimized” the rejection that I can not overclock the memory above 3200 megahertz?