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Rx 570 4 GB Gigabyte - Not recognizing monitors connected through display port after an update

Question asked by mhijazi007 on Jul 21, 2019

So I purchased a used AMD system with the purpose of having it output to 5 monitors. When I went to the seller, he had the machine rigged up to three monitors and everything was going well. I purchased the system and foolishly decided to upgrade something (the driver for AMD and the driver for the monitor and I think a windows update). I don't know what happened but now it only recognizes one monitor. 


Here are the specifications of the GPU:
1) x3 Display Port

2) x1 DVI

3) x1 HDMI


All monitors I have are DVI, so I am converting the display port signal to DVI (don't have an hdmi to dvi converter at the moment, so I haven't tested it yet). So when I first got it the monitors through display port were recognized but now they are not at all. Although, all monitors work if connected directly to the DVI input.


Steps taken to fix:
1) Used ddu in safe mode to completely uninstall and go back to the driver that was originally working (19.5.2). But alas no luck


No system restore point was saved, so I don't know how to go back to when it was working. What to do?