5700XT: HDMI not recognizing any display

Discussion created by manbehindcomputer on Jul 21, 2019
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I'm having an odd issue with my 5700XT


The HDMI output isn't working, I've tried it with various 1080p and 1680x1050 monitor and various cables with no luck.
I'm not getting an image from the HDMI port during the bios either.


Windows 10 reports that the HDMI port isn't connected to any display.


Odd thing is that the monitors and HDMI cables will work with my RX 580
And the HDMI cables will work on the 5700XT with a Display port to HDMI active adapter.


I want the HDMI output working for a four monitor eyefinity setup, as silly as that may sound.

Does the 5700XT's HDMI port require a 18gbps HDMI cable even when I use it with 1080p displays perhaps?
Or is my card's HDMI port defective?


really appreciate any feedback on this.