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why did both my dedicated and integrated graphics are missing

Question asked by harithsyazri on Jul 20, 2019

graphic driver amd r5 m330 r5 series hp 


before i start, here my info for the laptop im using:

hp 14-bw019ax

amd dual-core a9-9420


amd radeon r5 m330

amd radeon r5

1 TB 5400 rpm SATA


recently i just updated my graphics with the amd radeon settings from 17.11.4 to 19.5.2. after that i restart my laptop and want to play games but suddenly the games that i usually play before updating start lagging and its fps went down. AC black flag used to run smoothly before update but after update, i can't even play it even at the lowest settings.


i tried to clean my drivers by using amd cleanup utility and reinstall the 17.11.4 drivers accordingly. but after that, i cant even open the amd radeon settings. there's a pop up  that said;


radeon settings are currently not available. please try again after connecting a display to AMD graphics and extending the display

and i realised that both my dedicated and integrated graphics are missing. last time it was 

  • AMD radeon r5 m330
  • AMD radeon r5


now it became

  • AMD radeon r5 m330
  • Microsoft Basic Display Adapter#