AMD reward codes not working

Discussion created by canonofglass on Jul 20, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by danevo

So I recevied two codes for AMD rewards for purchasing qualifying items from Amazon. When I got the emails with the codes I went to use them and turns out the codes did not work, and said they had already been redeemed. So contacted AMD rewards support, and ages spent explaining this, they said contact the retailer who gave you the codes. 


SO I contact Amazon support explain the situation again, they tell me to contact the manufacturer who is responsible for giving Amazon the codes as they are just the ones to pass it on to the customer.


I try to contact AMD support and the web page is down saying it is undergoing maintenance. All I want to do is claim the 3 month xbox games pass that was promoted with the items I brought. What do I try now?


It seems I am going in circles.