RAIDXpert2 - Fatal error: Call to undefined method com::RegRead()

Discussion created by mjelic on Jul 20, 2019

RaidXpert2 was running perfectly fine... Then I started tuning my machine and I have obviously turned on/off a Privacy or Security setting that is now interfering with the RaidXpert2 web page loading up.

I'm using Chrome, and that has not changed, on Windows 10, which updated from 1701 to 1803 in the interim. (Could that have changed or removed some service RE2 was using?)


The page it goes to is this: http://localhost:25902/RAIDXpert2/login.php



And it used to ask for my login and password, just fine, and then I could work on my arrays. (See my other post about the 2x 2Tb Raid 1 taking 30 hours to create)


But now when I try to open the login page, after screwing around with many privacy setting as described in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9kFXnomRWQ,  I get this error:  


Fatal error: Call to undefined method com::RegRead() in C:\Program Files (x86)\RAIDXpert2\htdocs\RAIDXpert2\PHP\rcInstall.php on line 32


Yes, I have tried to under everything listed in the video. No, I didn't (foolishly) make a system restore point before tinkering with settings.


Does anyone know what service or setting is required to be running to make the PHP script login work? 

(Anticipating a question: Yes, I do see Apache HTTP Server service is running.)
While I wait for a reply, I might try re-downloading the software/driver for RaidXpert2 and hope for the best.


Thanks in advance for any assistance.