Ryzen 7 2700x fan wavering

Discussion created by seanyboy on Jul 19, 2019

I recently built a pc using a ryzen 5 as my cpu and everything went well for a month. I decided to upgrade to a ryzen 7 2700x. The fan seems to have an issue with wavering that I see others have had. Whenever I load a page or do anything remotely intensive, the fan will quickly speed up and then slow down almost to a stop before returning to normal speeds. The cpu temp readings spike 5 degrees celcius when this happens. I am running factory settings and am not using precision boost or anything else. I was originally not too concerned since I have seen others have this issue. However, in a couple instances the instant jolt sounds like rattling which worries me. Is the part defective or is this actually normal. If so can i stop this from happening. I am not well versed in pc language so anything in lamens terms would be nice. Thanks