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X399 - 1900x temperature?

Question asked by falloutboy on Jul 19, 2019

I'm a little confused and need some help...


According to AMD's website the Threadripper max temp should be 68.c, I have heard that AMD enforces a policy of a 27.c offset called tCtl which I believe is applied to tDie so if the actual maximum tDie is 95.c this would mean that either thermal throttling or thermal shutdown would occur at ( 95 -27.c ) = 68.c


So my main question is would a sustained temperature of say 72.c under full load being reported for 24 hours cause damage? I also note that my mobo manufacturer ASUS has set a temperature of 75.c I believe it is before things start to happen ( I don't know if this is a throttling temp or a shutdown temp ).


Basically what I want to know is what a proper temperature range for operating the CPU is and what sort of temperature is the danger point.


Thanks in advance.