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Ryzen 3800X getting too hot

Question asked by ooowl on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by sniperbeast1515

As you can see from the attached image below, my 3800X runs extremely hot and as a result won't boost beyond 4.1 GHz under heavy load (Prime95, smallest FFTs, 16 Workers). Under light load it behaves as expected, with small boost intervals up to 4.6 GHz at moderate temperatures. Idle temperatures are very high as well (around 60°C) with PBO enabled.


PPT and TDC are at default settings and max out. No other hardware testing/ benchmarking software was running during the test. No manual OC, latest BIOS (3.4).


I know that I can "fix" the high idle temperatures by changing the power plan and turning off PBO, however, temps under load should not be anywhere as high.




CPU     :  Ryzen 7 3800X

Cooling : Noctua U14S, spinning at the expected 1500rpm (intake) and 1300rpm (exhaust), cooling block sits tight

               on the cpu. Top and back casefans work. Intake (front) works.

MB        : Asrock b450 pro4

PSU      : Thermaltake Berlin 630W

Graphics Card: GTX 1060