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Switchable graphics doesn't set programs to use the dedicated card, despite being set on high performance.

Question asked by lukas0108 on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2020 by manodeep.s

I have an integrated R5 Graphics with a discrete R7 M340, running on a Windows 10 HP-15 laptop. I use the Adrenaline software, as it's the one the auto-detect tool suggested, and so far the only one I tried that actually works with the switchable graphics. With every Windows 10 update, the drivers go back to the unusable factory ones, so I have to update them constantly. After the latest Windows update, though, whenever I set any program to "High Performance", it keeps on using the R5, and soon after the program is launched it goes back to "Power Saving" on its own. I tried this on both the recommended 19.5 and the latest 19.7.2, and both of them give the same result. If this is solely a Windows problem I'm decently screwed, as the update happened 10 days ago and can no longer be reverted. example of discord being set on "High Performance" but still using the integrated R5