how much do you charge for your wisdom?

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gday how are ya? if by any chance your wisdom is free , is it 'possible' to have say a different layout of componentry than we also seem to see, I don't know much but to me it seems that everything must go through the processor any for very simple tasks (they actual might be complicated im not sure), if not 100% if say #pcie had to talk to pcie#4 it would have to send be validated by the cpu and then sent back to the correlating pcie, if this is true its seems a waste of network traffic and and cpu energy, so is it possible to have multi layers (nothing fancy bigger is better they say haha) that in theory isolate groups of componets to there only layer, all the pcie ports could be canbus together with there own simple apu for very standard addresses that BUS, so the cpu would only have to communicate what that APU and get a validation, whenever mulpte layers (buses need to communicate a highspeed data connects them,  across that out  would it be possible to have I guess it would be layer is my best way to describe, I just don't understand how a cpu does does the majority of the work, but if you look at humans bosses/manager give orders to those officers and the officer does the work and the reports back, all the manager needs to do is keep everyone in sync.. not sure just a thought,  hope this doesn't confuse you to much.                 jayden