Ryzen 3700x massive problems

Discussion created by owisun on Jul 18, 2019
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Hello.Ok,need help!

Asus strix x470-i and Ryzen 3700x bios 2304-2406

Yesterday I got my new 3700x and after bios update from 2304 to 2406 i put the new processor in and the problems started like never before!

- My g.skill 3200 cl14 is set to 2133 at 1,2v any attempt to oc d.o.c.p or manual is an instant crash and no boot only after clear cmos!

- Even if i don't touch anything in bios I cant read the temperatures with any program: nzxt cam, corsair icue, hwinfo u name it! Mabye just in Ryzen master and even there I'm not sure 50 degrees in idle??? (nzxt x42 140 mm aio push'pull).

Performance is lower in any benchmark vs my old 2700x!

Also, I have another g,skill kit 3600mhz cl16 also b. die but the same story!

Have you guys had any problems with the new ryzen 3000?

What i miss here ? Any help is appreciated, thx!