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Raid Xpert2 on Windows Server 2016

Question asked by dafo on Jul 18, 2019


My system config: 

ASRock X370 motherboard, OS Win Server 2016 standard, SQL server

System disk is RAID1 array1 - 2x ADATA Premier Pro SP920

Data disk is RAID1 array2 - 2x Patriot HELLFIRE M2

Few days ago RaidXpert2 app declared error - array1 critical, array 2 offline, but everything works (OS, SQL server, apps)... In Array Configuration (CTRL+R during boot) i can see in Array field:    1 - RAID1 Critical               Disk field:    0-02, Ready

                                                                                                                  2 - Legacy, Offline                                 1-03, Online


1. Raid Xpert2 GUI doesnt work, web browser shows "web page not exist". I found out the "Apache web server" servis is not working (access to socket 443  forbidden). Is there another way to manage AMD raid in win server 2016?

2. What could you recommend me to do with array errors? It seems like array 2 is disintegrated.