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Ryzen Master 2.0 reduced my 3600X cpu clocks!

Question asked by waltc on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2019 by waltc

Windows10x64 v1903, build 18362.10005 (nope, there's no extra 0 there!)

Aorus Master x570 UEFI bios F5g

Corsair HX-850 PSU (72a x1 12v rail)
AMD Ryzen 5 3600X @ 3.8Ghz default clock, 4.4+GHz boost
RAM 16GB 2x8GB, Patriot Viper Elite PV416G320C6K @3200mhz 16 16 16 36 1T
Stock AMD cooler
LG MultiDrive DVD writer SATA
Boot: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe 250GB (UEFI boot partition)
2x 1TB WD Blue 7200 rpm
ST2000DM S3 2TB
ST4000DM004 S3 4TB
AoC U3277PWQU 3840x2160 monitor
AMD RX-590 8GB (got a 50th Ann, 5700 XT coming tomorrow!)

19.7.2 Adrenalins
Antec 302 Case





My CPU was running fine @ 3.8 GHz Auto (bios) with a 4.4GHz boost.  I verified both with several different monitor programs, including CPU-Z. over a period of one week.  It no longer is, after I opened Ryzen 2.0 and selected the "Auto-overclock" feature for a Test.  Since then--a couple of days now--My CPU is running like a 3600, apparently, and not a 3600X anymore @ 3.6 GHz & a 4.2xx GHz boost clock! Nothing I have done has restored my CPU's original 3.8GHz 4.4GHz boost!  Ryzen Master 2.0 when opened just to view the readouts, still states that the boost should be 4.4 GHz, but apparently no control exists within RM 2.0 to return my CPU to its correct clocks!  Here's what I have done, to no avail:


1) Returning RM 20 to its default cpu-clock setting and applying it.

2) Completely uninstalling Ryzen 2.0

3) Scouring the drive & App Data directories for Ryzen Master 2.0 directories and files which the uninstall missed, and deleting them, as well as removing all remaining Ryzen 2.0 registry entries.

4)Checked my bios to make sure Auto clock is set to 3.8GHz and all boost set to bios default Auto.

5)Flashed the bios to a different version and cleared CMOS.

6)Flashed the bios back to the latest, 5Fg, clearing CMOS, again, since the different bios and Clearing CMOS did not correct the problem, both times.

7)Reinstalling Windows to the version listed listed above--through an in-place, repair reinstall from the corresponding Windows v1903 .ISO


Since neither changing the bios version or clearing CMOS multiple times had no effect on returning my CPU's stock factory clocks, my theory is that this altered clock information has been written somewhere on my drives and that if I could find said file I could delete it, thus restoring my brand new CPU its factory defaults so that the clocks would once again correspond to my bios settings!  I really would like some help here--thanks in advance to whomever might posses the answer! I certainly hope that Ryzen Master 2.0 has not indelibly written erroneous clock values directly to my cpu, somehow!  That might mean that nothing except a warranty swap would be sufficient!


PS--Last thing I want to do is a warranty swap!  There has to be someone at AMD who knows the solution!   Just want my default 3.8GHz/4.4 GHz boost back, and I'm happy!