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game crashing(On plugged in Mode)

Question asked by itssaulgooodman on Jul 18, 2019

When I choose “High Performance” Mode in the “AMD Graphic Power Setting” (whether in the AMD software or in Control Panel), If the laptop set on the “On Battery” It is ok and there is no problem. But when I switch the laptop on the “Plugged in” mode the trouble begins. The problem shows up usually in games or when I want to open some software that it might be able to show up “3D Images” or “3D Videos”. When I open this stuffs all of the above software crashes, and sometimes windows operation get problems and I cannot do anything, so I have to restart the laptop. I have installed many different version of windows including, windows 10, 8, 8.1 and even 7 but at the all of them, there is a same problem I have. It should be mentioned that last year when I hadn’t this problem, my operating system was Windows 10. After that, I even changed my windows and installed the “AMD Graphic card” again but nothing changed.

And these are my laptop’s Specifications names:

Manufacturer: Lenovo (Z51-70)

CPU: Intel Core i7 (5th Gen) 5500U / 2.4GHz


Graphic Card: AMD Radeon R9 M375

GPU dedicated memory: 8GB

I would appreciate that if you could help me.